Are You Thriving as a Business Leader?

Become a leader who thrives. Lead people to thrive. Build a company that thrives.

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Build a Company That Thrives

You face multiple challenges leading your company to be successful, profitable, and influential in your marketplace. Let’s work together to discover your best path forward.

Transform Your Workplace

We provide assessments and tools to build trust and candor with your employees

Build Leadership Skills

We work with clients to form a plan and goals for your leadership situation, and we make ourselves available.

Inspire and Lead Teams

Through our mentoring and coaching process, you will learn how to effectively inspire and lead your team.

Meet Dennis and John

leadership of all generations
cross generational leadership

Executive Coaching & Mentoring

Who we are on the inside informs every aspect of our leadership. If we fail to recognize that, we risk damage to ourselves and to those we lead.

John and Dennis have long experience building positive values, effective skills, and life-giving perspective into leaders at every level.

Cross-Generational Leadership

Working with multiple generations can present challenges due to the perceptions and expectations for how they should be led, and how they should interact with the company.

We help guide companies into productive working relationships through understanding, listening, and motivating these groups.

Crisis intervention

When a leader faces a personal or corporate situation that is highly stressful, or potentially damaging, the initial response and decisions are critical for the recovery of the leader and the company.

Our training and experience with crisis management allows us to step in and walk with a leader or a company in the midst of a crisis.

Become a Leader Who Thrives

Companies reflect the values, priorities, and skills of their leaders. Thriving leaders are holistically healthy, make decisions with the right values, and treat people well. Our team of professionals can help you get there.

  • Better understand why you lead the way you do
  • Skill development in public speaking, mentoring, decision making and conflict mediation
  • Learn how to create Innovative thriving workspaces
  • Learn a precise process to resolve conflicts in a healthy way
  • Navigate crisis response and management like a pro
  • Learn to interact with care to build trust and candor with your team

Contact us and hear how we can move you and your business to thrive.

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Formula 1 racer wannabe, therapist, Convene Chair, and co-owner of Eden Business Concepts, Dennis Humphrey joins Design Group International for a conversation about the heart of the Executive Leader.

See What Others are Saying

“John and Dennis’ ability, as a team, to unearth root issues hampering the growth and development of leaders is unparalleled. Their expertise would be invaluable for any leadership team.”

Phil SmithExecutive Director, Leadership Resources International

“It's rare to come across a standout like Dennis. When I think of him the words "life navigator" immediately come to mind. I've seen significant growth on many levels and become a better husband, father & entrepreneur. Dennis is a phenomenal leader in every sense of the word and has earned my highest recommendation a thousand times over.”

Michael StamatinosFounder, Advancing Healthcare Innovation Consortium

“If it weren’t for John’s help, I’m not sure my business would still exist. He motivated me to take necessary risks early on that brought me professional and personal reward. His help and support continue to be valuable to me.”

Jason NorthFilm & Creative Media, Indianapolis, Indiana

A Thriving Workplace Makes Your Company More Valuable and Being a Thriving Leader Makes You More Valuable.