Unhealthy conflict is a drag on your company's performance.


Don’t Let Conflict Sabotage Your Company–or Your Career

Let us calm the chaos of your conflicts so you can focus on your business.


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A family-owned business is complex:

  • Navigating roles and relationships makes decisions difficult
  • Toxic communication creates an unsafe, undesirable workplace
  • Competing Values and Desired Outcomes clash.

Eventually, your culture changes, you work quality suffers, and your clients notice.

You’ve tried to find clarity and common ground, but nothing seems to be sticking.

Your Guides

Dennis and John know how handle conflict and crisis in your business. We especially understand the challenges of family owned and closely held companies. We listen carefully, isolate immediate and underlying causes, quickly lower emotional noise, and create a safe atmosphere to restore peace and productivity.

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Moving you through conflict to productive growth

Conflict is costly – to your company culture, your productivity, and your growth. EBC calms your chaos and restores your clarity. One day can change your future.

Step 1

  • We listen carefully to each party in the conflict so we can hear their needs and understand their perspectives.
  • We discover the background and issues leading up to the current situation, and begin to see obvious and implicit causes.

Step 2

  • Together we compare the past and current situation you have been experiencing to a vision for your future desired reality.
  • We walk with each person and group to come to their own sense of ownership in the past situation and the path toward a new future together.

Step 3

  • We work with all your stakeholders to create a strategy and goals to move toward a desired future.
  • We solidify agreements from and between each party.
  • We provide new ways of communicating and decision making that will leverage what we have learned into a productive outcome.

See What Others are Saying

“John and Dennis’ ability, as a team, to unearth root issues hampering the growth and development of leaders is unparalleled. Their expertise would be invaluable for any leadership team.”

Phi SmithExecutive Director, Leadership Resources Intl.

“My relationship with John has been a source of wisdom, encouragement, and strategy that’s been extremely helpful in both my work and personal life.”

Dave ShockeyCampus House Leader, Purdue University

“If it weren’t for John’s help, I’m not sure my business would still exist. He motivated me to take necessary risks early on that brought me professional and personal reward. His help and support continue to be valuable to me.”

Jason NorthFilm & Creative Media,

Takeaways from Our Engagement

Deliverable #1

An immediate reduction in emotional noise and relational stress around a conflict, and a plan to move toward resolution.

Deliverable #2

A model for working through personal and organizational conflict that allows for a consistent productive outcome.

Deliverable #3

A clear understanding of your current culture, and how to develop one that allows everyone in your company to thrive.

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