People & Process are a key part of every business.

These two elements either lead your company on a path of growth and impact or into a downward spiral of conflict and crisis where relationships and productivity spin out of control.

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Conflict is inevitable and unpredictable - it can be noisy, messy, and confusing. Our path through conflict lowers the noise and creates a safe space to discover outcomes with mutual benefit.


Where to you turn when a crisis erupts in your life or business? Your initial response and decisions are critical for a healthy long-term recovery.


When people feel safe, heard, respected, and valued for their contribution, they can own the company’s vision and goals, and focus their energy to attain them.

Build a Company That Thrives

Companies reflect the values, priorities, and skills of their leaders. Thriving leaders are holistically healthy, make decisions with the right values, and treat people well. As a top resource for leadership development, our team of professionals can help you get there.

Meet Dennis and John

Get to know us and why we enjoy being a resource to organizations and leaders.

Meet Dennis & John

A Thriving Workplace Makes Your Company More Valuable and Being a Thriving Leader Makes You More Valuable.

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“John and Dennis’ ability, as a team, to unearth root issues hampering the growth and development of leaders is unparalleled. Their expertise would be invaluable for any leadership team.”

Phil SmithExecutive Director, Leadership Resources International

“It's rare to come across a standout like Dennis. When I think of him the words "life navigator" immediately come to mind. I've seen significant growth on many levels and become a better husband, father & entrepreneur. Dennis is a phenomenal leader in every sense of the word and has earned my highest recommendation a thousand times over.”

Michael StamatinosFounder, Advancing Healthcare Innovation Consortium

“If it weren’t for John’s help, I’m not sure my business would still exist. He motivated me to take necessary risks early on that brought me professional and personal reward. His help and support continue to be valuable to me.”

Jason NorthFilm & Creative Media, Indianapolis, Indiana