What Drives Us

We want to see an ongoing flow of cross-generation leaders that work together to create life-giving workplaces through an awareness of their hearts and the hearts of their people at every level.

Our Mission

Innovating Workplaces that Thrive

Moving leaders, their people, and their companies to flourish rather than flounder by providing innovative ways for leaders to create a thriving environment for themselves, their employees, and their company’s success.

Our Values

We believe that you will either flounder or flourish based on how well you know your own heart.

  • who you are
  • what drives you
  • why you make the decisions you do
  • why you respond to people & situations the way you do
  • Space: Leaders get to build a place that gives life and space to live out their purpose and value where work does not equal your identity.
  • Life: Leaders invest in their company’s long-view by focusing on developing life-giving workplaces that will benefit their people, customers, investors, and world.
  • Wisdom: Leaders require a mix of organizational, strategic, technical skills along with a healthy flow of wisdom, understanding, integrity, and empathy.

Our Strategy

Listen and understand the situation.

  • Bring order and clarity from chaos and confusion.
  • Identify the big picture, purpose, and desired outcomes.
  • Launch a vision and strategic path for effective decisions and actions.
  • Provide fresh insight and new skills for teams to relate and operate in a life-giving environment.

We believe leadership issues arise from core level needs in both the leader and their people and must be addressed with:

  • Accuracy – We identify the core issues driving you, your people, and your company.
  • Efficiency – The value we bring for your time and your resources will lead you to thrive.
  • Purpose – We come alongside you with purposeful, targeted support focusing on leaders, their people, and their challenges.

See What Others are Saying

“[John’s writing] helped me on the journey to better self awareness prescribed by the Greek Oracle of Delphi: ‘Know Thyself.’ Perhaps most encouraging was how surprisingly well he described my heart, as well as that of my wife. This not only gave the comfort of knowing I’m not alone in this, but also tangibly helped me along the path to more open, honest and grateful relationships.”

Bob ShockeyWestrock-MPS, Lansing, Michigan

“I am proud to count John Erickson as a mentor and friend. My relationship with him has truly shaped the man I am today. His wisdom and compassion have been a beacon for me throughout the last decade.”

Shaun Clarke, PhDNuclear Engineering Faculty, University of Michigan

“I trust Dennis immeasurably. Dennis is an effective and active listener. He will be honest in his assessments and provide thoughtful analysis without using condemnation or shame. Dennis’ knowledge of the human condition enables him to provide tremendous wisdom. There is power in his ability to listen and discern the root issues behind actions and feelings, and he conveys this in an effective and beneficial manner. I am grateful to have Dennis in my life.”

Jason MeadTeacher and Varsity Coach, Aurora, Illinois

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