Business Forum Teams

Our Business Forum Teams are a relational journey. As a member, you will be surrounded by like-minded leaders that will advocate for you and your business. Together we process the opportunities and challenges of your leadership and learn together from our shared personal experience and other expert advisors.

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Your Guides

Dennis and John are seasoned professionals who facilitate the Business Forum Team meetings. We are also mentors, friends, challengers, and coaches throughout your journey, and we will walk with you through the wins and losses of your leadership situation.

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Your Team

Business Forum Teams can meet either in person or online, depending on your location and availability. They consist of a small group of your peers with a variety of backgrounds who come together every month to work on complex business issues and provide each other insight far beyond a Google search.

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See What Others are Saying

“John and Dennis’ ability, as a team, to unearth root issues hampering the growth and development of leaders is unparalleled. Their expertise would be invaluable for any leadership team.”

Phi SmithExecutive Director, Leadership Resources Intl.

“My relationship with John has been a source of wisdom, encouragement, and strategy that’s been extremely helpful in both my work and personal life.”

Dave ShockeyCampus House Leader, Purdue University

“If it weren’t for John’s help, I’m not sure my business would still exist. He motivated me to take necessary risks early on that brought me professional and personal reward. His help and support continue to be valuable to me.”

Jason NorthFilm & Creative Media,

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