Meet the Team Behind Eden Business Concepts.

John and Dennis have been on a journey together since 1991, in the US and other countries, to build leaders for today and the next generation. Over that time, they have developed a unique set of perspectives and tools for building effective leaders who lead thriving organizations.

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Dennis Humphrey started his career as a front-line worker in juvenile corrections, moved into behavioral counseling and then executive career development with one of the nation’s prominent human resource companies. Before stepping out on his own, Dennis worked with a boutique firm coaching and advising C-suite members. Over the years, he has seen leaders get isolated in their efforts to make their companies successful, profitable, and influential. He co-founded Eden Business Concepts to move leaders out of isolation into confident, connected leadership. His simple description of his work is this, “I help leaders get unstuck in business and life concerns. When leaders get unstuck, they bring thriving to their companies and communities.”

Dennis’s 30 years in business consulting, higher education, and behavioral health counseling help him efficiently move clients to clarify their personal and professional purpose, understand their people, and shape their organizational plans. He holds a Ph.D. in education and focuses his interests on leadership motivation and decision making. He has worked with leaders across varied industries, including large corporations and small family and closely-held businesses.

Born and raised in Southern Ontario, Canada, Dennis lives in Illinois with his wife Heather and their four emerging adult children. In his spare time, he enjoys working on house projects, trap shooting, and writing.

John has always been curious about how things work and learning why they work that way. Curiosity and learning led him to study electrical engineering at Purdue University when microprocessors and personal computers appeared for commercial use. The US State Department recruited him as a Security Engineering Officer to global travel with the Secretary of State, and then to embassy security design in Africa and the Middle East, with regional postings in Nairobi, Jerusalem, and Tel Aviv. His curiosity to learn how things work began to focus on emerging leaders and the development of their social and emotional maturity.

John took his discovery process to Eastern Europe, where he taught in several graduate schools and launched two leadership development organizations in Croatia. He also developed a mentoring network of emerging leaders in businesses and non-profit organizations across the region. Following this journey, he joined Dennis to launch Eden Business Concepts to focus on the development of healthy business leaders. His passion is to move leaders to understand how they communicate and operate in relationships, how they make decisions and create work environments that allow their companies to thrive and flourish because they are both healthy and smart across their organizations.

John has been married to Debbie for almost 40 years; together, they have a son, a daughter, and three grandchildren. John continues to build mentoring relationships with young leaders around the Purdue campus and across the world, a number who have lived in his home and taken advantage of his love of cooking, wine, and jazz.

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Our Accreditations

I trust Dennis immeasurably. Dennis is an effective and active listener. He will be honest in his assessments and provide thoughtful analysis without using condemnation or shame. Dennis’ knowledge of the human condition enables him to provide tremendous wisdom. There is power in his ability to listen and discern the root issues behind actions and feelings, and he conveys this in an effective and beneficial manner. I am grateful to have Dennis in my life.

Jason MeadTeacher and Varsity Coach, Aurora, Illinois

John Erickson knows how to cut to the heart of an issue and he wields that skill to see others grow into effective and compassionate leaders. He will tell you the truth, even when it’s hard to hear, because he knows it is necessary to fulfill your potential. I am a more self-aware, empathetic, and generous leader because of John.

David BallardAttorney, Legal Aid of Western Michigan

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