Strategic Advising

From strategic advising and planning to leadership coaching, our team is here to partner with you as you tackle the key decisions you face as a leader for your organization.

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Strategic Advising

Strategic Planning

Do you have a clear path for your company’s direction?

We understand that you are continually balancing internal and external realities in your business. It’s a competitive marketplace, and staying sharp while moving swiftly is important. You’re seeking to:

  • Care for and challenge your employees while maintaining the quality of your current product or service.
  • Push creative innovation to new heights and expand your offering for the future. 
  • Navigate your company’s strategic analysis and find a path forward to bring insight, clarity, and objectivity.

Together we can develop the set of steps you need to take today while mapping out the journey for tomorrow.

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Organizational Development

Are you realizing the greatest benefit from your people and resources?

The key to your success is the development of an effective organization. Here are some critical questions to help bring clarity to your company structure and overall organizational health:

  • Is everyone in your company on the same page with where you’re going and how to get there? 
  • Are your people in the right jobs for their abilities and passions? 
  • Do you have an effective system in place for your core processes? 
  • Is there discipline and accountability in your company that ensures excellent and consistent results?
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Team Optimization

Succession & Legacy Planning

What will happen with the values and impact of your company after you leave?

Your company’s future success and impact depend on an intentional plan to build your values and successes into the next generation of leaders.

  • Every aspect of your company needs a framework and strategy to prepare future leaders to take over the specific responsibilities and challenges you now bear.
  • A comprehensive succession plan ensures that everything you have worked to build flows forward through the leaders you have developed.

At any stage of your leadership, we can work with you to create a smooth transition for you and your company through strategic advising and planning.

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Decision Making

Do you know how and why you make the decisions in your life?

Leadership is about making decisions in every aspect of your business. 

  • Do you understand your decision-making style? 
  • What is the process you go through mentally, emotionally, and strategically? 
  • Why do some decisions seem straightforward, and others take more time and emotional energy? 
  • How do you support and defend your decisions? 
  • How do others typically respond to your decisions – with trust or skepticism? 

We work with you to understand your decision-making process both personally and professionally while digging into your preferred leadership style and the outcomes it generates.

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Conflict Mediation eden business concepts
Leadership Coaching
Leadership Coaching eden business concepts

Leadership Coaching

Are you aware of the instincts and motivations that drive your leadership?

Coaching is designed to inspire leaders to accelerate their personal and professional growth by applying practical, results-based advice. 

We begin with a conversation to:

  • hear your story
  • understand your challenges
  • assess your strengths, gifts, and expertise

Together, we’ll walk through your regular conversations, decision making, conflicts, and day-to-day questions, forming a plan and goals for your leadership situation.

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See What Others are Saying

“John and Dennis’ ability, as a team, to unearth root issues hampering the growth and development of leaders is unparalleled. Their expertise would be invaluable for any leadership team.”

Phi SmithExecutive Director, Leadership Resources Intl.

“My relationship with John has been a source of wisdom, encouragement, and strategy that’s been extremely helpful in both my work and personal life.”

Dave ShockeyCampus House Leader, Purdue University

“If it weren’t for John’s help, I’m not sure my business would still exist. He motivated me to take necessary risks early on that brought me professional and personal reward. His help and support continue to be valuable to me.”

Jason NorthFilm & Creative Media,

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